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    Social Club and cheat codes

    For those that have not noticed it yet, when you press the start menu you will see this social club thing in the list. Sign up for it if you haven't already and it gives you a costume to use in the high roller poker room in blackwater (it is a different table than the normal one in the saloon in blackwater)

    also, once you are signed up, go here to the site: ... unity.html
    and check out stat tracking and other things of that nature. on the left side, click that little treasure chest and it will unlock some cheats for you the next time you load up the game. Don't worry, cheats only work in single player and they disable trophies and saving so it's all just for fun and good times screwing around. Other cheats can be found scattered across the game world. They are phrases written on walls that you enter in at the cheats menu, so if ever you see something weird written on a wall, put it in there. inputing the code does not activate the cheat, only saves it in your list of unlocked cheats so don't worry about it interfering with your game progress and disabling your saves.

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    Re: Social Club and cheat codes

    Yeah i noticed one in mexico
    "i cant understand inmfinity" or something..
    then another in the barn at breechers hope. "my son, my blessed son"
    so i googled and saw they were cheats.

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