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    Arizona Governor Gets Few Results From Meeting With Obama

    President Obama will dispatch an official to sit down with Jan Brewer in the next month but the Arizona governor said Thursday she got few other results from her meeting with the commander-in-chief, including any details about where 1,200 National Guard troops will be deployed along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Brewer met with Obama to discuss the state's new law clamping down on illegal immigrants that the White House opposes. The meeting comes as Justice Department officials consider suing the state in a bid to block the law, which makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally.

    Obama has blasted the law, which takes effect July 29, as "misguided" and warned that it could violate civil rights and lead to racial profiling.

    During a brief news conference on the White House driveway following her meeting with the president, Brewer described the meeting as "cordial," but the potential lawsuit wasn't discussed.

    "That was kind of over, brushed over a little bit," she said.
    When asked if she thinks the president has read the law, Brewer only smiled. ... ing-obama/
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    Re: Arizona Governor Gets Few Results From Meeting With Obam

    I kind of support both sides on this subject. I mean if I wrote my true feelings about the whole immigration problem we have. I know that I would get slammed as being racists.

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    Re: Arizona Governor Gets Few Results From Meeting With Obam

    i understand why they want it, but if i'm a mexican american going on a run without my wallet in the state of Arizona and get ID checked I'm getting detained. That's not cool. There is no way any person who gets checked because of this law cannot claim racial profiling.
    I'm american irish, about as white looking as they come. I am just as irritated with the cavity search I get at the airport while the muslim extremist walks through the metal detector ahead of me as anyone else, but it's a little much to say we're looking for illegal immigrants in a Mexico border state and won't be looking for a certain profile.

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