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    Wolves attacking dogs ... news02.txt

    OH...HELL NO! Its a good thing I don't live in Wisconsin. If a wolf came around my house trying to eat my dog, my dog would have a nice new furry rug to lay on! That is crazy the feds haven't approved lethal management of wolves yet! :shock: Wait until some kid gets killed by a pack of wolves and see what happens. I have seen a couple in Illinois, and they are freaking HUGE! I wouldn't step to them without my shotty! :? The bad thing is they usually roll in packs...kinda like gangstas, they get 10ft tall and bulletproof.

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    Re: Wolves attacking dogs

    That is crazy, they need to start bustin caps in their asses! If wolves came around my place they would get their asses served by myself and my 105lb schutzhund trained German Shepherd! :twisted:

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