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Thread: Buying weapons

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    Buying weapons

    Im really aggrivated at EA for letting users buy all weapons and kits to unlock insted of working hard for your achivements. Now there are people who just bought the game comming out with the weapons it took everyone else days to unlock. I understand you still have to progress to get the points but now it takes alot of fun out of it. Having the ability to buy some extra weapons is a good idea but all of them come on what are they thinking.

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    Re: Buying weapons

    yeah i've been seeing the cheater/"time saver" packs come out more and more often. I'm not much of a fan because i like to earn my gaming feats. I understand they're trying to appeal to the more casual gamers who only play every now and then but there are better ways than a time saver pack, isn't it WoW where if you haven't played in X amount of hours you get a small XP percentage boost for x amount of time? The time saver packs are more just to make more money off of casual gamers. kind of annoying

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