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    Steering Wheel / Pedal controller recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a good steering wheel / pedal combo controller for the PS3? My son likes to play NASCAR 09, but he's just using the standard controller. I think it'd be more fun for him with the wheel/pedal controller.

    Money is tight, so I can't afford one of the high end models. Just want something easy to use, precise, and reliable.

    Also, if anyone has a decent one in good working order they'd like to sell, PM me with the info.
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    Re: Steering Wheel / Pedal controller recommendations?

    yes ! logitech GT [gran turismo ]wheel for ps3 with pedal and shifter for around 100 to 120 bucks. You can probably find it on craigslist if you have that in your state.Maybe ebay. I had the wheel but upgraded and I sold mine on craigslist.
    Very good wheel for your kid and will make driving games alot more fun . Make sure to have some type of stable table. Putting it on your lap is a big pain.You can find several websites that sell driving wheel stands,or if your good with your hands they are very easy to build. Good Luck ! I love sim racing!

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