Published: June 25, 2010

Will troops in Afghanistan get fast food again? "All options are on the table," Gen. David Petraeus said.
Gen. David Petraeus faces one billion pressing issues once he assumes command of all U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

When will the offensive in Kandahar start?

Can he show progress by July 2011?

Will the Burger King at Kandahar Air Field re-open?

We asked Petraeus’ spokesman about that last item.

As anyone who’s been in Afghanistan knows, recently-cashiered Gen. Stanley McChrystal waged a jihad against fast food and other creature comforts for the troops because getting such luxuries into Afghanistan took up valuable cargo space that could be used for vital equipment.

“Everything that Burger King takes competes with everything else on that post which we ration to everyone,” McChrystal told Stars and Stripes back in March. “So if you ask soldiers would you rather have Burger King or your mail, or would you rather have Burger King or enough ammunition, then it would be a more complete discussion.”

McChrystal himself eschewed most non-essential aspects of human existence. He was rumored, for example, to never sleep on days that ended in the letter “Y” and to run 12 miles barefoot in the snow every morning before killing a goat for his lunch.

But now that McChrystal is out of the picture, will Burger King, Pizza Hut and other AAFES facilities re-open?

“Gen. Petraeus said with a smile that ‘all options are on the table,’” said Petraeus’ spokesman, Col. Erik Gunhus.

Possibly meaning a Whopper.

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