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    Xbox 360 Wireless 'N' Adapter

    I've heard that the new wireless 'N' adapter increases connection quality and range. Do you need a new modem/router that broadcasts in 'N' band? I haven't seen one that does yet.

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    Re: Xbox 360 Wireless 'N' Adapter

    No you do not lol.. Itll work just the same..if your router works that adapter will work once connected..BTW it doesnt really increase anything all they did was slap on an extra antenna and say oh ya ywice is nice but ive heard many issues with both ..that is why microsoft came out with the new xbox and built in wireless adapter..i wouldnt buy that that adapter brand new as it is a waste of can find it places for 30 bucks..sometimes u get lucky and get a good working one but it seems to have issues if you are using turtle beaches with infared..seems to interfere but dont ask me how as it makes no since in a networking perspective

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