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    Re: No Love for teh Wii

    I have a little love for my just collects dust though because nintendo has really been slacking on quality titles for a while now. Wii Sports Resort and New Super Mario Bros is pretty much all they've done in months. Hopefully they get with it soon and start putting out more quality games so i can feel the need to dust off the old wii remote again.

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    Re: No Love for teh Wii

    The thing is that Wii is going to make bank off of families rather than serious gamers. I have one, and typically I only play it when we have people over.

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    Re: No Love for teh Wii

    I agree with Cruc. I bought one for our twins, but my daughter wound up keeping it in her room and playing it most. My son mainly plays the PS2 since we have an insane amount of games, which he says are more fun than the Wii. Great for families, not so great for serious gamers.

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