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Thread: Favorite Setup

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    Favorite Setup

    Post up what your favorite weapon/perk setups are that you run with.

    My Non-S&D major setup is:
    M16 - Red Dot
    Spas12 or PP2000 (depending on mood/match type)
    Frags / Flashes
    Sleight of Hand Pro
    Stopping Power Pro
    Steady Aim Pro'

    S&D setup is:
    M16 - Red Dot / Silencer
    PP2000 - Silencer / Ext. Mags
    Frags / Flashes
    Bling pro
    Cold Blooded Pro

    My other one I use is my "speedy" setup:
    UMP45 - Silencer
    Spas12 - Silencer
    Semtex / Flashes
    Marathon Pro
    Lightweight Pro
    Ninja Pro

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    Re: Favorite Setup

    i've been favoring my quick knife class lately:

    m16 - red dot sight
    USP 45 - tactical knife
    throwing knife/flashbangs
    marathon pro
    lightweight pro
    commando pro

    main reasoning for favoring this lately is because i've been working on unlocking the tactical knife, which i finally did last night :mrgreen: good thing too because I was playing terrible just using a side arm

    when i'm just trying to have fun with throwing knife kills i'll switch out marathon pro with scavenger so i don't get killed so much picking up my knife

    my bread and butter class for a long time was

    m4 - silencer + acog
    raffica - silencer + red dot
    bling pro
    cold blooded pro
    ninja pro

    but lately with the addition of barebones modes i haven't needed cold blooded as much so i switched to stopping power to give the M4 the extra kick it needs

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