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    BF:BC2 Weapon loadouts - Favs/Hates

    Since this area is basically void of threads/posts I thought I would start off a BF discussion.

    What's your favorite and worse weapon load outs?

    I'm pretty partial to Assault with a NS-2000 with slugs and magnum ammo right now. The gun (or all of the pump action shotguns) is pretty OP right now but there's no better feeling then taking out a sniper from half a map away with a shotgun. Instant death up close and two shots from a distance on soft.

    My absolute worse load is Recon with basically any of the sniper rifles. I really have no clue how people can use those guns, and I'm absolutely terrible at calling in mortar strikes! I hate seeing wookies on the other team too, especially in hardcore.
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    Re: BF:BC2 Weapon loadouts - Favs/Hates

    Best loadout:
    Assault, with the M416, 40mm Grenade launcher, MP443, Magnum Ammo, and Grenade upgrade. I Platinumed that rifle.

    Recon, with the T-88S. I am fantastic with the recon loadouts, that rifle is a pile of shit though.

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    Re: BF:BC2 Weapon loadouts - Favs/Hates

    Fav: engineer with tank mine and tracer or cg and tracer and assualt with whatever kit
    Worst: never play medic after closing it out and getting better with sniper

    side note: k/d is not great with it but i've been running the lw kit with the neostad on all classes, c4 with assault when attacking and standard engineer kit on defense unless on nelson bay then use neostad with recon. the lw kit kicks ass when you're just flying through the map and one hit killing dudes up close. Neostad is way fun, don't use slugs so definetly helped me to get more sneaky.

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