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    Range it in With Your iPhone

    There have been a handful of iPhone applications developed for tactical applications, including a shot counter SISiPhoneApps and long range shooting calculator from Knights Armament.

    Well another one drifted across my desk this morning from what looks like is a lone-wolf app developer called the Mil-Dot Rangefinder.

    Basically it looks to me like the app gives you a mirror image of your long-range scope and allows you to input variables to range and calculate your target based on what you’re seeing.

    Mil-Dot Rangefinder for the iPhone takes the math out of ranging targets using a mil-dot scope. Real-time calculations provide instant range measurements in both yards and meters. The simple interface allows for one handed operation and eliminates any need to manually type any measurements to range a target.

    I’m not a long-range shooter and haven’t worked with military-grade scopes, but it looks to me like at least the so-called “Pro Edition” of the app has a bunch of features that any one-shot killer would be looking for:

    1. -Full featured ballistics calculator
    2. -Fast windspeed/direction adjustment.
    3. -Range card (ballistics chart)
    4. -Point of impact indicator
    5. -Bullet drop compensator
    6. -Realtime windage/elevation hold readings
    7. -Time to target
    8. -Remaining velocity
    9. -Remaining energy
    10. -Multiple Ballistic Profiles
    11. -Fast Unit Of Measure Switching

    The application is actually pretty cheap, at $4.99 for the pro edition. I’d love to hear impressions from readers on how this app looks and works.

    Read more: ... z0tuGwWhYY

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    Re: Range it in With Your iPhone

    Thats nice.....It would come in handy for Bow Hunting.

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    Re: Range it in With Your iPhone

    Has anyone used/tried the "BulletFlight" app? The mil version is $29.99. Ton of info, looks fun, just hard to pull the trigger, so to speak.

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