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    Some dissaponting experiences

    I've been playing quite a bit lately on LIVE and I honestly think that if this "cheating/mods/glitching" issue isn't cleaned up soon I'm going to sadly be hanging up my controllers on this game. In the past couple of weeks I've seen people shooting through walls without the aid of FMJ, using an aim-bot, piggy backing off each others killstreaks rewards, of course there are the dicks that like to jump into Free-For-All matches and start "Boosting". Prestige isn't worth it anymore because now people can buy that shit, modded controllers too. And two days ago I saw the end all be all of cheaters (at least for me, if you've seen worse than this let me know). I saw a dude running around with a laptop in his hand (not crouching mind you, HE WAS RUNNING WITH IT) and after watching my cousin get hit and then seeing the killcam, this dude was targeting people with red diamond markers and firing AC-130 hardware at other players like he had the shit attached to his hip, and it was on the ground. Afterward in the lobby it wasn't hard for us to spot him, his name was the only name in colored text and the jerk was proudly advertising that he had hacked and cheated to show everyone up by somehow tapping into IW's scrolling text at the bottom of the screen and bragging about it in rainbow text. Now I'm sorry but if this is the kind of crap that's going to start happening more frequently, IW is going to lose a consumer and I'm sure I won't be alone soon after. I wonder if the staff at IW are aware that the cheating on this game has reached such a level.

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    Re: Some dissaponting experiences

    Apparently Robert Bowling said in one of his latest Tweets that they are gonna once again try to patch the OMA/noobtube exploit. I will believe it when I see it. This type of stuff was exactly what I was worried about when I heard how happy devs were that they could now patch games post release. Why have a product finished by a deadline now when you can just rush it out and half-ass the support?


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