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Thread: I Love My Car

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    I Love My Car

    So, this is gonna sound bad, but the car I own right now is the longest time I've ever owned the same vehicle and its only a 2006. But I got it in 2006, right of the truck, hadn't even been test driven yet (5.3 miles on the odometer), its a 2006 Hyundai Accent 4-Door Royal Blue. Its still goin strong and I have had no complications with it whatsoever! I've even got another 6 years on my bumper-2-bumper warranty (or another 50,000 miles) whichever comes first, probably the miles since we plan to move to FL in a couple years time. :ugeek:

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    Re: I Love My Car

    I've already been through 3 cars (I'm 19 now) so that tells you how I am with cars . I have a 2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and I take care of it like it's my child now, which makes my parents angry

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