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    World Series of Drag Racing

    So this weekend the World Series of Drag Racing is here at our speedway.. Holy shit. I was freaking wasted..I have come to the conclusion that Jet Engines + Race Car = FRIGGIN AWESOMESAUCE. A car that was more than 100 ft back driving down the high way got blown off the road by the sheer force of the afterburner. This dude was in a semi and ran it faster than shit. Today we got the Fuel Mods. They go more than 300 mph and can run a quarter mile in under 5 seconds..I am in Redneck beer drinking heaven. We were so drunk that my buddy caught our generator on fire at three in the morning. I hear a second buddy ask "Is that on fire?" my buddy says "yep" and then i rush out with a blanket and put it out..they said it had burned for more than 2 min. and they just stood there and watched it burn. And then drunk as skunks we rebuilt the generator and it worked like a champ again..

    Silent But Deadly!

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    Re: World Series of Drag Racing

    Drag racing is pretty bad ass! Tim Wilkerson lives 2 doors down from my in-laws. When he is there working on his cars and he fires one of them up, it shakes the whole neighborhood!

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