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    Two Sights for Hunting

    This is very popular in competition due to the variable target distances. I have never thought about it for hunting? Although in IL it isn't really practical anyway because we are slug only, no rifle. ... t-solution

    Dave often cautions us not leave our variable scopes set on the highest magnification when we’re hunting. That way, if we have an unexpected close call with a buck as we sneak through the woods, we’ll have a better target than a patch of blurry hair, which is all you see when you look at a deer 10 yards away through a 9x scope.

    Here’s another idea: the hot rifle sight setup among competitors in 3-Gun ( tactical pistol, shotgun and rifle shooting) matches right now is a conventional scope with a small backup red dot set on an angled mount. You’ve got your scope for longer range work but if you suddenly have to shoot a target at 10 feet, you keep your head still, both eyes open and on the target, and you roll the rifle slightly to bring the red dot into view. It is a very fast and effective method and way better than bobbing your head up and down with those see-through scope mounts that let look under your scope to use iron sights.

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    Re: Two Sights for Hunting

    Smart. Very smart.

    Indecision may or may not be my problem.

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    Re: Two Sights for Hunting

    this is how my unit solved this issue, just bought enough "doctor" red dots to mount on all the ACOGs:

    and some guys bought 4x magnifyers on hinges for their issued 551s:
    Also conveniently, with an adapter, you can mount your PVS-14s on the hinge. So you can have a reticle in your night sight.

    Also the cheapest would be just get scope rings with a nice hole so you can just use the irons, this is the setup i used on my M21:
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