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    Rules of Conduct

    These rules will govern member conduct while an active/inactive member of US Military Gamers. This list is by no means exhaustive, as in our experience people are quite creative in finding new ways to be idiots. These are simply a set of guidelines. If you follow them, you will fit in; however, if you concoct some creative new form of stupidity, you have agreed [via your application] that our staff members are authorized to edit/delete/berate/belittle/ban until they feel you have "seen the error of your ways", "repented your evil ways" and our community has been restored to an orderly and civilized utopia.

    1. Adult only: This is an adult community, and we have adult related posts, content and Discussions, therefore you must be 18 years of age or older to join our community of merry-mayhem. If you are not comfortable with this policy, please go here.
    2. Respect for all: We are all adults here; therefore, flagrant disrespect to ANY member and/or opponents, trolling, whining, bitching, flaming and excessive ass-hattery are strictly forbidden.
    3. Hate & Defamation post: Racial/Sexist slurs, Racial/Sexist jokes, any inflammatory remark regarding a members religion, gender, age, sexual preference, physical handicap or disability, etc... are prohibited.
    4. DO NOT ARGUE: Do not start or get drawn into an argument. Debates are fine, as you are free to disagree with people's opinions, but when your posts/discussions lose meaning or start resorting to insults, flames, etc... it's time to stop.
    5. Absolutely NO Advertising, Spam, or Garbage Posts: None - without the express/explicit consent of the Webmaster. They will be removed, and you will earn yourself a permanent ban from this site.
    6. Content Restriction: User's content must comply in a manner consistent with any/all applicable laws of any state in the US and the US Federal Government. (This includes, but is not limited too.. warez, pirated software, malware, spyware, bloatware, personal, or sensitive information, etc..)
    7. Expectation of privacy: A reasonable sense of privacy is granted with the exception of any suspected unlawful activity, or activity which violates federal, local or state laws or any of the rules set forth here in the forum rules. The Webmaster reserves the right to view any or all private messages, member posts, blog posts, images or files at any time if the need arises.
    8. Departing US Military Gamers: If you are dissatisfied or no longer wish to participate with the US Military Gamers, please leave amicably. You are welcome to return at a later date if you so desire.
    9. Clan Participation: As a community member, participation in the forums, is a requirement for maintaining membership. While you do not have to post everyday, we do expect our members to stop in the forums from time to time, read up on changes, and make casual posts and/or contributions to our community. Additionally, by participating more, we get to learn more about each other, so don't be shy!
    10. FINALLY, These rules apply everywhere: All rules and guidelines should also be considered to apply: in game, to chat, private messages, albums, blogs and private groups.

    If you notice any blatant rule violations, consider it your duty to report them to the moderation or administration staff for review.

    Failure to abide by these rules can result in an infraction being placed against you. Most infractions are worth one point, although we reserve the right to give you more at any time if we feel you deserve them. If you accumulate too many infraction points(as shown below), you will receive an automatic (usually temporary) ban which revokes your posting privileges, as follows:

    NOTE - You may instead by issued only a warning, at a staff member or moderator's discretion.
    Spammers will be IP banned immediately.

    • 3 Points - 1 Day
    • 5 Points - 3 Days
    • 7 Points - 1 Week
    • 9 Points - 1 Month
    • 12 Points - Permanent

    History of changes..

    • 22AUG2013 - Change by smoke : changed wording "moderators" to "staff members"
    • 10APRIL2012 - Change by smoke : made small change to infractions
    • 30MARCH2012 - Change by smoke : added stipulation for personal information bullet 6.
    • 07MARCH2012 - Change by smoke : Updated wording, and corrected some typos..
    • 03MARCH2012 - Change by smoke : Changed mecca to utopia.. (I just like the way it sounds more.)
    • 21FEBRUARY2012 - Change by smoke : Fixed typo
    • 07DECEMBER2011 - Change by smoke : made some slight rewordings for sentence structure/flow.
    • 26OCTOBER2011 - Change by smoke : shorted list to only include rules for website, as the title suggests... doh!
    • 18APRIL2011 - Change by smoke : Fixed broken bullet for departing USMG.
    • 12APRIL2011 - Change by smoke : Merged "Work Safe" rules as Addendum1.
    • 27DEC2010 - Change by smoke : Added probationary verbiage.
    • 19NOV2010 - Change by smoke : Added some additional verbiage to bullets 1 & 2.
    • 08NOV2010 - Change by smoke : consolidated threads into this one.
    • 07NOV2010 - Change by smoke : Added Jack's quote.
    • 23JUNE2010 - Change by smoke : broke out bullet 2 to make it independent if bullet 1.
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    Post Addendum to Bullet 6 - Work Safe Etiquette

    Any post which has questionable content, should be marked in the subject line as [NWS] or [NSFW].
    If you are not familiar with these acronyms, they stand for "Not Work Safe", and "Not Safe For Work" respectively.

    [NWS] These are some great cattle drop pics! check um out..
    [NSFW] Awesome! Swedish Bikini team wins again! OMG..

    Please keep the rest of us safe, and job secure by warning us ahead-of-time of a non-office-friendly post. We will thank you later!
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    Please do not contact me for recruiting issues or to add or create you a signature. I will ignore you.

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