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    Bored Hunters....Google's Nemesis

    Sav you been hunting in Oregon again?

    Bored Hunters in Oregon Are Regularly Shooting Down Google's Fibers

    When there's no deer, or quail, or whatever it is hunters shoot up in The Dalles around, bored gunmen have been playing target practice with the insulators on Google's electricity distribution poles. It's so problematic Google's moving their fibers underground.

    The fibers that are continually being shot down connect with Google's $600 million data center in The Dalles. It happens as soon as hunting season starts each November, so now a fed-up Google is building an underground path for it.

    On one snowstormy occasion, Google repairmen couldn't be transported to the area of a recent cut. Normally sent out by helicopter or Caterpillar tractor, three technicians had to cross country ski for three days to reach and then fix the damaged fiber.

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    Re: Bored Hunters....Google's Nemesis

    ROFL! thats freaking awesome !
    "Necessity is the plea of every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves"

    William Pitt, 1783

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