I received this in an e-mail today and thought I'd post it in Scuttlebutt to make sure the visibility was as high as possible. If you were stop lossed, or know someone who was, you may want to make sure you read and heed:

Were You Stop Lossed?

There are millions of dollars waiting to be claimed by service members and
veterans who were stop lossed, and time is running out!

Those eligible must submit their claim by Oct. 21, 2010.

The DoD Web site (http://www.defense.gov/stoploss) links to
service-specific sites, where you can get more information, or begin the
Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay (RSLSP) claim process.

The 2009 War Supplemental Appropriations Act established RSLSP, providing
$500 for each month/partial month served in stop loss status. Service
members, veterans, and beneficiaries of service members whose service was
involuntarily extended under Stop Loss between Sept. 11, 2001 and Sept. 30,
2009 are eligible for RSLSP.

To receive this benefit, those who served under stop loss must submit a
claim for the special pay. Throughout the year, the services have been
reaching out to service members, veterans and their families through direct
mail, veteran service organizations, and the media.

But there is still money left to be claimed, and the deadline is quickly
approaching. We are reminding all service members who are eligible to
submit a claim for the benefit available to them. The average benefit is

Tell a Friend

If you know people who separated/retired and may be eligible for this
benefit, remind them to submit a claim before the deadline!

Note on Eligibility

Effective Dec. 19, 2009, per the Defense Appropriations Act, stop-lossed
service members who voluntarily reenlisted or extended their service, and
received a bonus for such reenlistment or extension of service, became no
longer eligible to receive retroactive stop loss special pay.

Apply Now for Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay: