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Thread: Starcraft II

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    Starcraft II

    I know the clan is more of a console based clan, but I had been waiting for this game to come out for a long time. And now that I'm stationed in Korea since SC2 came out, my house is all about Starcraft. Even though my wife wants to kick me off my own computer to play Farmville/Fronterville, there are two channels on Korean cable that are dedicated to gaming, ongamenet and MBC Game. Half of their programming has to do with Starcraft. Which if my wife slips through to the world of Facebook, I can still watch what is going going on cable which is watching progamers trying out tons of strategies to see who's the best. And there are many videos on Youtube for commentary and techniques. So long story short I'm in a good position by being stationed over here playing the game that dominates e-Sports in this country.
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    Re: Starcraft II

    Bo Sox We have several clan members that play myself included..there is a PC forum where this topic is located....MODS please move to pc forum

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