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    Access Software Question

    Wasn't really sure what catagory to put this in.

    Does anyone know a lot about MS Access (2007)? I'm doing something with it at work and I'm not sure if it's capable of one of the features I want to add (I'm learning as I go...nothing like on the job training )

    I can't go into detail about what I'm doing but basically I want to incorporate a switchboard. I want the switchboard to have the following functions: Add new record - Edit Existing Record - and then have buttons to run various reports that i will have pre-setup.

    The problem comes in the Edit Existing Record. I want a search form to come up so they can either search by info they put in or by a dropdown that is populated by the main table.

    I haven't seen a switchboard capability in 2007 like there was in the previous version. The help has totally confused me. I'm a show me or talk me thru it type person more so than a read it and figure it out.

    Another thing I would like to set up is a macro so when they open the database it automatically brings up the switchboard. I guess I'm hinting that the ppl that will be using this are not too bright :? I don't want them having access to the tables or the forms other than what the switchboard allows them to do so they don't mess everything up.

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    Re: Access Software Question

    There is the same capability for thaose features..just buried lol..message me what it is exactly and i can make up a template and send it to you..

    Silent But Deadly!

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