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Thread: Fort Polk, LA

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    Fort Polk, LA

    As many of u know that serve in the U.S. Army Fort Polk is known as the armpit of the army. But as a person from Louisiana. To me Fort Polk isnt that bad. Sure it sucks at what u can do here and the random temperature everyday but its not that bad. The area is expanding and we got new stuff on the way. Just a few months ago our new PX was built and opened. I love it because it has a gamestop inside so it saves me from traveling off post for my videogame needs. The main problem i have with Fort Polk is the outside area off post. Leesville or better known as Sleesville is the worst place to go to and one of the crapiest and meaniest spirited people i have ever seen or met. As a soldier stationed here please please, dont ever come here unless ur here for training, u have family in louisiana or texas, or ur just passing by. Dont request to be here until tis place is fixed and the problem with Sleesville is fixed.

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    Re: Fort Polk, LA

    Yeah, go to Ft. Lewis instead. I'll buy you a beer.

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