PandaLabs Report: 'Operation Payback' Caused 550+ Hours of Downtime

The internet group known as 'Anonymous' has caused a total of 742 service interruptions to 11 sites in 20 days, according to security firm Panda Security. The most recent attack on Spain's Copyright Society, Ministry of Culture and Promusicae websites brought 119 service interruptions and 68 hours of downtime and more than 68 hours of downtime across the three sites, the firm says.

Since the DDoS attacks began, the web site that took the biggest hit has been anti-infringement law firm ACS:Law, with 179 hours downtime. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has 127 hours of downtime, and Aiplex Software (the Indian firm that admitted to using DDoS attacks on copyright-infringing sites) suffered 123 hours of downtime. A full list of total interruptions and downtime for all affected sites is included below:

"aiplex - 313 interruptions, 123 hours of downtime.

ACS:Law - 152 interruptions, 179.07 hours of downtime.

RIAA - 104 interruptions, 127 hours of downtime.

AFACT - 43 interruptions, 21.43 hours of downtime.

MPAA - 3 interruptions, 23.2 hours of downtime.

DAVENPORT LYONS - 3 interruptions, 8.55 hours of downtime.

IFPI - 3 interruptions, 0.09 hours of downtime.

BPI - 2 interruptions, 0.06 hours of downtime.

SGAE.ES - 22 interruptions, 41.45 hours of downtime.

MCU.ES - 28 interruptions, 20.41 hours of downtime.

PROMUSICAE.ES - 69 interruptions, 6.29 hours of downtime.

Total Interruptions: 742

Total Downtime: 550.55 Hours "