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Thread: WTF happened?

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    WTF happened?

    Well, I haven't played MAG lately. Today I realize this MAG 2.01 patch is out so I decide to go get it. Ok, new skill tiers and armory type stuff. blah blah. I finally get my guy rebuilt up and jump in for some sabbo. wtf both squads on alpha attacking side are just sitting back by the spawn and sver is just running us through like theres no tomorrow. I could hardly get past the water towers. No one on the squad had res except me. I also jumped into some dom and experienced much of the same.

    Is this what happened to mag while I was gone? Bunch of scared noobs joining valor and sver has become the supreme force?

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    Re: WTF happened?

    I just missed you tonight, sorry. Titan and I got in and played some games. We didn't win them all, but they were good games overall. Last night I played with randoms, and they were games much as you have experienced.

    A couple of things happened.
    First, the new skill trees have been expanded, and medic class ended up at the bottom. This is overlooked by alot of new players, and in effect VERY few medics anymore. This is also partly due to Zippers lack of documentation with the game.
    Second, clan deploy is out now, so it is very easy to get put up against a large amount of clans. This makes for massive spawn camping as the clans just roll over all the randoms.

    It took a couple hours for me to get used to 2.0, but now I love it. I think they made some good changes, but lag does seem to be happening more though.

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