With New Vegas being released in 5 days (8 days for EU and AU. Sorry guys) I was curious if you will try to put yourself into New Vegas as the Courier with a character build close to what you really are. If so then with what we know so far about SPECIAL, Perks, Traits and Skills for New Vegas what will you look like as far as the first 6 levels?

For me, I think this is close to what I should be in New Vegas. And something tells me I'll need to be very careful in Hardcore mode. :P

SPECIAL: S: 4 P: 7 E: 4 C: 6 I: 6 A: 6 L: 7

Perks: Comprehension, Retention, Shotgun Surgeon

Traits: Trigger Discipline, Wild Wasteland

Tag Skills: Speech , Guns and Science

Just about all info on SPECIAL, Perks, Traits and skills can be found here: