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Thread: Zombie pack

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    Zombie pack

    I was watching the Heat vs Celtics on TNT and came across a Red dead redemption commercial . Available for download RDR zombie pack anyone get this yet and do you have to have the game in order to play.Still watching game.
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    I got it yesterday and yes from what I understand you do need the game because the Multiplayer part of it is added to the already existing free-roam.

    Here is my review of it so far:

    For Single Player Mode:

    I played quite a bit of the single player and I have to say. WOW!!!! IMO Rock* did a fantastic job of putting out what I feel is the best DLC pack of any game this year. It's the first that I wasn't able to finish in a matter of hours and it's not easy. I got overrun by zombies 3 times in the first town before I figured out what I had to do.

    They made it more challenging in that you can't buy ammo, you have to scavange for it. And the zombies don't die unless you blow their head off, smash in their head with a melee weapon or you have to set them on fire. There are some special zombies mixed in the bunch (they are described below in the MP part). The Horses of the Apocalypse are really cool. I found Pestilence first and now I have "War". With War I can run thru hordes of zombies and every one I brush against bursts into flames. I really really want to find "Death" because with him the zombie's heads explode which would be way faster than burning them with "war". Being on a horse isn't all that safe either because they can swarm you and pull you off the horse and start pummeling you while you are trying to get your senses together. I found my sasquatch and the first 3 treasures. I still have 2 horses to find and a unicorn and I haven't even opened up Mexico yet after 8 hours of playtime.

    You basically have to rediscover all the towns and save them from the hordes of invading zombies while you are doing your missions to find out what's going on and if there is a cure. Once you clear the towns they become "safe havens" until they get overrun again. When you get notice that a town you cleared is being invaded again, the sooner you get back to take care of the invasion the less zombies you have to deal with and the more survivors there are to hold them off making them safer for longer (my friend found this tidbit out the hard way). You can't camp anymore to travel either. You have to use the safe houses in the safe towns to "travel"


    Tried out the Multiplayer Undead Overrun last nite and they sure made that challenging as well. At least you don't need headshots (otherwise it would be nearly impossible). It's kindof like a mix of L4D2 and Nazi Zombies in the following ways:

    It only relates to L4D2 in that there are special type zombies (bruiser is similar to charger, Retcher is similar to the Spitter except it can also explode like a boomer and one that runs at you on all fours that reminds me of a cross between the hunter and the Jockey)

    The zombies come in waves and you have a time limit to clear them all or it goes into this other mode where it just spawns endless zombies until you are dead (well we're not sure if it's endless because we have yet to get through one)

    There is a coffin that spawns every wave that gives you ammo but it take a moment to open (need good cover)

    There are new weapons and ammo types that randomly spawn on the field.

    There is an achievement for getting through 15 waves. I can't even imagine how that must look at that stage. The furthest I got last night was 4 waves with just me and one other friend. I think you really need at least 3 people for it (4 would be best). When a teammate goes down you can revive them just like in the Coops but the prob is that takes a moment and the zombies won't give you that moment (which is why you really need more than 2 ppl). All players have to go down to end the game early.

    They also added zombie characters to the outfitter. My zombie girl is decked out in style with her pippi-longstocking socks and her eye hanging out. Gruesome lol. What's even funnier is when you make them speak they moan and grunt. So try having a little conversation between characters. I found it very amusing.

    I also like the new free roams (they added these last week). They have a Normal, Hardcore and a Friendly free roam. The first two we all know how they go (griefer central), but the Friendly mode allows you to kill mounts but not other players. UNLESS!!!!!! you blow them up with dynamite or shoot at the ground by their feet with the explosive rifle. At least it's an environment with less griefing going on.

    Well that's all I have to say about that for now. I'll fill in more as I go. If anyone is getting it and needs help locating the treasures, just ask. I think my next one is in mexico so until I get there I can only help with the first 3.

    Apollo (if your listening). Klaws and I demand your presence in overrun sometime this weekend

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    Finally finished the storyline last nite and I can only say HOLY CRAP!!!!! Talk about a twist.

    So anyways, now it's down to finishing up the missing persons quests, finishing my last two challenges, finding and killing the Chupacabra and finding and breaking the Unicorn.

    This DLC was a total WIN!!!!!

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    Thumbs up

    Awesome update, Bullet. This was already on my "must get" list, but your review just sealed it.

    Indecision may or may not be my problem.

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