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    So Zach Galifianakis Smoked A Joint On Live TV The Other Night

    What your view of Prop 19?

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    wow. i am all for prop 19 passing. The war on marijuana is getting ludicrously expensive in terms of money and lives (3,000+ dead on the Mexican side). and then there is the opportunity cost of not getting the taxes from it.

    also, i am still of the opinion that the whole process thy went about criminalizing Marijuana is unconstitutioanl. It is supposed to take a constitutional ammendment to say that we cant have something. Nixon basically said it is a drug (like morphine) and needs to be controlled like all other drugs, and since it has no medical benefit there is no reason anyone should ever have it. Theoretically they could have done the same thing to ban alcohol. no law, no ammendment, just executive power deciding what people can and cant have.

    Come a long way since the 20's.

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