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    For those that read my Blog...

    I just want to personally thank all of ya'll that read my Blog and responded. I had no idea that such people cared. Even though ya'll don't know me. I don't have any kids with my current wife (we are trying though!!) I do have a son whom I haven't seen in over 10 years. He just turned 12 a few days ago. Anywho, that's another story...I just still want to thank ya'll for the comments. Kinda made me open my eyes. I have been a different person since coming home from "Over There". I really don't have any friends, don't trust pretty much anybody unless your ex-military or I get to know you. I have a "select" few friends, most which of course don't live by me. Not by choice though. People I used to work with and got to know pretty well. Hell, when I attended my 15 year High School reunion, it was good. Got to see old friends from the past. Did we exchange info? No. My call. Did they ask about the war? Of course they did. Civvies always do. Did I talk about it? A little. But still, even after hearing some of my stories, did they ask for my personal contact info? Nope. Sure they are my friends on Facebook and Myspace, but really? If they cared or gave half a shit, they would have asked for my number, address, or something! Ya know? But ya'll (USMG), don't know me from Adam. But ya'll still show support and want to talk. How did I get so lucky to be involved with a group of men and women, wether you served or not, to be a part of? And to those that haven't served, and still take the time out of your lives, to read some of the stuff we post, and then respond, I thank you. Just for caring! If you ever think that some of your comments don't mean a thing to any of us or if you ever think that sending a message to a Soldier overseas via USO(which I am a BIG supporter of) you are wrong! Every little thing matters! I am PROUD to say I served, and I was one of the LUCKY ones to come home! I DO miss my fallen Marines, and I remember the dates I lost them! I have been shot, shot at(of course), cut and stabbed, but I'm still here. I think that the only thing that can take me, out is me. Hence the Blog. Thank ya'll for letting me share! Semper Fi!!

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    Yes we do care. We're all here for you anytime you need us. Don't ever forget that.


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