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Thread: Veteran mode

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    Veteran mode

    I'm having problems linking my Battlefield acocunt to my Bad company 2 PS3 game. On the webpage when I click in the dropdown box "BC2 (PS3)" its completely BLANK! WTF! Ive tried all 3 browsers. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Re: Veteran mode

    I think they are working on their website. It worked the first couple of days then they removed the leaderboard and my soldier link because it was crashing due to high traffic. Probably in a couple weeks when it dies done it will work again, hopefully.

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    Re: Veteran mode

    I just went through this yesterday. I had to do the live chat to get it work. Just explain everything to them and they will take care of it right then. go to\chat

    But be aware of this. I did this as I said yesterday and now I go to get online (PS3) and my VIP code from the game has been deactivated! AWESOME!!!! So I got back on the live chat and he said he needs to send it to someone higher and I should get an email shortly with an answer. Still waiting.

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