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    Post [FAQ] I'm trying to add my gamercard, but get a strange error?

    Quote Originally Posted by MaximusR3 View Post
    on that note, people get on it, go update your profiles so your info can be there for those who want it
    One question though about it. How come your's and Smoke's work? Mine doesn't and I get this when I try to click on it.
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    If you encounter the issue that DB has described in the above post, please verify the following settings:

    1) For showing the PSN GamerCard, users must do the following:
    US: Login to -> My Profile -> Portable ID -> Generate Portable ID.

    2) For showing the Steam GamerCard, users must do the following:
    Login to -> Edit my Profile -> Copy the text from the "Custom URL" box into the Steam ID field.
    * Steam GamerCard is not official and generates from and
    Note: Steam postbit pop-up page now support real Steam ID which is: STEAM_X:X:XXXXX.

    Please do not contact me for recruiting issues or to add or create you a signature. I will ignore you.

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