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    Origin of 'Oohrah' a Marine thing

    Origin of 'Oohrah'
    The submarine's klaxon that sounded 'Aaroogah' in preparation to dive came from the fondness of the Model-T Ford's horn we learn from an old Navy man, not from Germany, even though 'klaxon' sounds German.

    Anyway, the WWII Marine Raiders from the old Camp Catlin used to go out of Pearl Harbor aboard a submarine for rubber boat drills. They would pull their rubber boat up through the sub's hatch, inflate it on deck and go ashore. In actual circumstances, they would sneak ashore under cover of darkness.

    These Marines copied the klaxon sound and said 'Aaroogah', but it never caught on. It was 1st Amphib Recon that heard the Raiders, and made their own 'Oohrah' which we use today.

    In the early 1950's, 1st ANGLICO, out of Camp Catlin conducted rubber boat drills from a destroyer out of Pearl Harbor, again hitting a beach on Oahu, and when finished, met a 6x6 with a keg, and ended with a beer bust, and bringing the equipment back to base. Oohrah!

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