My list of PS3 games just got longer for next year...

Like Prince of Persia HD Collection before it, Splinter Cell HD Collection is now officially on the cards and coming to PS3 sometime in 2011. The exploits of Mr. Samuel Fisher in the first three games - Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory - which saw the Third Echelon agent at his peak, in his black sneaking suit and iconic green goggles, will be coming next year in shiny, remastered form.
Currently, the collection is being listed as a PS3-only title, which would be in line with the release of PoP Collection solely on PlayStation 3, but seems slightly out of whack with the fact that Splinter Cell has always traditionally led on Xbox.
There are currently no further details or specifics on the Splinter Cell HD Collection, so stay frosty for more information in 2011.