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    OPSEC Alert - If you have an HDTV with internet capability you'll want to read this

    Just received the following warning from our OPSEC Officer.

    December 17, Ecommerce Journal – (National) HDTVs are vulnerable to cyber and hacking attacks. Hackers can potentially use Internet-connected HDTVs to infiltrate malware into home networks, said the latest report by a maker of security software for smart-phones, VoIP devices, and TVs. Mocana conducted the tests on a range of inter-connected TVs, during which a security flaw was discovered in the kit of an unspecified manufacturer. The firm does not elaborate on the firm involved or the security weakness, at least until a fix is released. In its press release, Mocana said the security bug is a way to hack into consumers’ home network and potentially intercept and redirect internet traffic to and from the HDTV to mount phishing scams, gain access to backend services from third-party organizations (such as video streaming), or monitor and report on consumers’ private internet usage habits. Mocana’s researchers managed to deploy hacking techniques familiar to the world of PC skullduggery (such as “rogue DNS”, “rogue DHCP server”, or TCP session hijacking techniques) to inject JavaScript onto a vulnerable device “allowing attackers script integrity before running code”.


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    Well aint that some shit.

    "It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes".- Andrew Jackson

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    God I hate hackers.

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