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    GOW 1000 Hit Combo

    This is the only tip I have found to get this

    I picked up the 1000 hit trophy right after picking up the Claws of Hades.

    After you swim a bit down the River Styx, you encounter a challenge where you need to summon a soul to finish off the enemies. Instead of doing that, equip the Claws of Hades, but abuse the L1+O attack. I admit it's a little cheap, but it works. Once you reach 1000 hits (it takes about 5-10 minutes) and unlock the trophy, summon a soul (or 12) to finish off the enemies to continue with the game.
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    Re: 1000 Hit Combo

    Anywhere with a group of the Olympian warriors will work with the spamming soul rip method (L1+O with Claws of Hades) because that move seems to have little effect on them just don't upgrade the weapon before attempting this or you may risk them dying before you get the combo. Works best on easy so they don't end up hitting you and screwing it all up. If you are already on a harder mode, save a new file (choose "new save" instead of over writting the current save) near a good area to do the combo and then die several times until it asks you to switch to easy difficulty and say yes. Once you get the trophy, quit and load up your save with the proper difficulty and continue on with your game. Here's a video of the method in the location Smoke was talking about, as well as one in another location. Takes about 5 minutes of spamming so be ready for that lol


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    Re: 1000 Hit Combo, Maybe one day when I am very bored, for right now I just dont feel like standing there and grappling for like 5 minutes..........besides I really dont care much for Trophies..........Great info though, i figured it would be something damn near impossible until I seen this video
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    Re: 1000 Hit Combo

    I found a much easier way to get the 1000 hit combo . When you get to the labyrinth and fight the giant scorpion find your way to the back left legs of the giant beast and use the weapon which was made from the stone you gave the giant in the under world . use the combo which sends the weapon upward and in no time you will get your 1000 hit combo I went up to 2000 just so I can say I did. No extra trophy for 2000 hits.

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