anyone familiar with Grom audio? they make factory car stereo integration kits for Ipods, mp3 players, flash drives or any other media device that uses a USB input, and basic line in for anything with a headphone jack.

When i first got an FM transmitter for my truck it ran me about 70 bucks and in all honesty, it sucks. Static and cross interference are very common and annoying. Well the other day i came across Grom audio and for almost the same price i paid for that stuipid FM transmitter i can buy an integration kit that will hook to my factory installed radio. I know after market stereos often times can come with an AUX input or something that can be used but i really have no problem with my current stereo so this looks like a good buy for me. A little bit of work is required to install it but nothing that any of us would not be capable of. If anyone is interested in getting some good quality ipod sound in their vehicle and don't want to buy a new stereo i would suggest having a look at Grom and seeing if they make one for your vehicle.