Although many posting guidelines are universal for any forum, I would like to take a moment to lay out some specifics for this forum:

  • Search Search Search
    • Always use the search bar, located at the top-right of the page to insure there is not already a topic created about your particular post. A clean forum is a happy forum and multiple topics about the same thing are the number one cause of forum cancer and clutter.

  • Prefixing makes the post grow stronger

    • Whenever possible, click the prefix drop down menu and select which system your topic is in relation to. Now no one will have to make the post of "which system is this game for" because you are already one step ahead of them, how clever of you.
    • If your topic does not fit into one of the provided prefixes don't panic, just make your own by pressing [ followed by your system name or abbreviation, and ending with ] make it all in bold for dramatic effect and there you have it. If the need for that particular prefix becomes more common our eager site admin will add it to the default list, free of charge....possibly

  • Give me substance or give me death

    • If your post has no substance it would be much fun to read now would it? A blind link may direct you to the intended information but who really knows what they might find on the other side of that link; It could be pictures of purple elephants prancing about in bikinis, and no one wants to take that risk. If it's only a small piece of information, it only takes a short click and a drag to copy and paste it right into the post. For longer walls of text, maybe pasting a few highlights would be most suitable followed by a "click for more" style link at the end.
    • Try to keep in mind that some people may not be able to access all the internet has to offer due to restrictions set by work or a mean ISP. So while you can click that link or see that picture not everyone may be able to; posting just a link or picture may be excluding part of your intended audience

  • Credit is given where credit is due

    • No one likes being misquoted or having their words stolen right out of their mouth so if you want to copy in something from another source be kind and credit them for it

  • Source or it didn't happen

    • The internet is a breeding ground for lies, rumors, and all out nonsense. Make sure you back up your claims with a source link so we know it's not just speculation and skeptics can determine the credibility of the source for themselves

  • Tagging is socially acceptable here

    • The last part of the new post screen, just above the submit new thread button, is a box titled "tags". Use this space to put in keywords that relate to your topic to help make it that much easier to locate in a search. Something like the game name is a good place to start with

and there you have it, guidelines to make this forum the best gaming forum in the history of gaming forums. None of these are set in stone nor do they lack exceptions so if ever you have a question feel free to ask any counsel member or just step back and ask yourself "is this wrong?" if you have to think that much about probably is

Many of these guidelines can be applied to any forum and i urge you to do so, everyone can do their part in keeping the whole site tidy and manageable and above all, simple to navigate and find what you are looking for.