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    Windows 7 PC/ XBOX360 bundle

    just read this from G4, pretty interesting marketing move by microsoft

    Microsoft's blog today highlights an amazing offer that could spell ruin for our nation's young scholars' study time. The company says it's giving away a free Xbox 360 to students who purchase a Windows 7 PC that costs over $699.

    Beginning on May 22, if you buy any kind of Windows PC over the price point at a participating retailer, you'll get a free 4GB Xbox 360, no strings attached. The offer is available only in the United States right now, but similar deals are planned for Canada and France. The offer's end date varies by retailer, so get in line now, or plan to buy one online at or through Microsoft.

    G4's article didn't really cover this part but being a student is a requirement and has to be proven
    If you have a .edu email address you can purchase your new PC through one of our participating online retailers. If you don't have a .edu address or prefer to walk into a store, touch the PCs and test their features, bring your Student ID into a participating retail location. Check with your chosen retailer for additional specifics they may have in place.
    Windows Blog

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    2 all might see me on Xbox after all?

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    I went and signed up online to get a promo code from Microsoft to see what they have available in their store. Not a bad selection, as it included a touch screen computer and a tablet (which I'm interested in). Here's what they had available as far as qualifying computers on the Microsoft store:

    I'm interested in the EXOPC Slate.

    Indecision may or may not be my problem.

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