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    Legends Of Zork!!!

    The last time I was at Gamestop they gave me a card for this PC game. I decided to check it out. I got all set up and it is kida of cool. I also noticed that they have clans in there to. I went and made a USMG clan so, if anyone wants to join me just search USMG under the Clan tab. Maybe it could help with our recruitment efforts. My character name on there is Stu Paddaso. Here is the link for the game If you go to Gamestop they will give you a competition code which puts you in a drawing to win FREE games for a year when you reach level 5. You can also get a special avatar. We can even display our new logo when it is ready!!! Hope to see some of you there......

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    Re: Legends Of Zork!!!

    If you get to level 15 you get a second entry as well.

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    Re: Legends Of Zork!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by clarkness7112100
    If you get to level 15 you get a second entry as well.
    I was just reading that. Anyway here is the USMG clan link for any that want to play


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