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    I'm trying something new out that I hope will make it easier for people to check out videos for our clan's most anticipated games and movies in one place without the hassle of scrolling thru the text in the forum topics. With every Trailer I have linked the discussion area for that particular movie or game at the top of the page. Right now I'm trying to pull the videos out of the forums and place them here along with new ones. I will only be adding videos of unreleased movie or games in this area. If I have missed anything or there is a video trailer that is new on or that you think would be interesting to the clan that I have not yet posted in this area PM me with a link to it and I'll try to get it added. Also it will remain locked always so not to be lost in a sea of text thus the reason to the links to the discussion threads if there is one.

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    Re: Video / Trailer Forum

    awesomeness thanx Caj. it opened my eyes to red dead redeposition.

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