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Thread: BC2 Silence

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    BC2 Silence

    Hey i just wanted to mention, ive been in a few games with a few of you guys and ive been silent.. i just havnt been putting my headset on for it, most of the people playing dont have one, so i figure ill spare the majority of people having to listen to me shouting obcenities every time i die. :0)

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    Re: BC2 Silence

    HAHAHA everyone I play with usually gots one, and mine broke the other day, but I got a new one along with 2 more controllers (now totaling 4) last night. Plus I love hearing obscenities. it makes me laugh.

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    Re: BC2 Silence

    The past week or so..I have been silent due to Bronchitis. I figure none of you want to hear me hacking in your ear. I always have my mic on when playing with USMG members though.

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