that's right, one of the most awesome arcade racers ever is getting a sequel!

unfortunately for me it is, as of now, a Live exclusive :cry:

Microsoft Game Studios and developer Vector Unit were on the scene at PAX East for the unveiling of an official sequel to Midway's classic arcade-based speedboat racer: Hydro Thunder Hurricane for Xbox Live Arcade.

Having spent much of my youth in arcades, it brings a nostalgic tear to my eye to hear that overly-excited announcer urge me to "GO! GO! GOOOO!" once more. Hydro Thunder Hurricane from Vector Unit is a welcome sequel to one of the best water-based racers out there, and judging from this debut trailer from PAX East, it captures all of the high-octane charm of its predecessor.

According to the game's press release, Hydro Thunder Hurricane will include eight "brand new 'theme park' environments, each set in a different location around the globe," as well as several new game modes, including Ring Master, a "series of slalom-style challenges with progressive difficulties," Gauntlet, an "explosive new take on time trial," and a series of multi-event Championships. The colorful cast of speedboats from the original Hydro Thunder will also return, featuring new unlockable skins, custom boost animations, and unique handling characteristics for each vehicle. Hydro Thunder Hurricane will also feature eight-player online play via Xbox Live, as well as more traditional four-player local splitscreen.
I'm crossing my fingers that it finds it's way to arcades and PSN one day soon (hey the first one ended up on N64 and PS1, it could happen). Everytime i go to Dave and Busters i still play the original because it's still awesome