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    Not sure how or look for other players online.

    I'm new to the online console gaming community. So far im only playing MAG. My ps network name is nccopperhead85. Not sure how to tell if you add me unless it pops in big letters on screen. So be patient while i'm figuring this out. All constructive criticism is welcome.

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    Re: Not sure how or look for other players online.

    Hey... just check out the Members section (top right of the site) and get the names of members. You can add friends from the XMB screen on your PS3. Add as many clan members as you can as your friends. When you're on MAG, someone who is already in the clan will add you to the clan, and then you'll be able to see who from the clan is playing MAG. Most nights there are at least 15 people playing. Hope that helps.

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    Re: Not sure how or look for other players online.

    thanks for the assist cg

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    Re: Not sure how or look for other players online.

    Also ( and I realize the MAG thread is huge).
    But stop in the Playstation theatre. Look for a game thread of one you have (like MAG).
    And you can add ther PSN names of the people in thread since they have the game already, or will soon.
    Can find PSN names at the bottom of thier profiles to the left.

    Also if you have any MAG questions don't be afraid to ask them in there. Somebody should know the answer(or at least have an opinion.).

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